Quentin Kubrick

Photographer of Lost Things


Nature: Sadist
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Age 24
Gender: Male

Strength 2
Charisma 3
Perception 4
Dex 2
Manipulation 3
intelligence 3
Stamina 3
App 1
wits 3

Athletics 2
Brawl 2
Empathy 3
Performance 4
Occult 2
Stealth 2
Survival 3
Investigation 3
Streetwise 3
Subterfuge 3


Allies 2
Contacts 2
Resource 1


Conscience 1
Self Control 3
Courage 3

Humanity 7
Willpower 3

Daredevil (Physical) (3pts)
Friendly Face (Physical) (2)
Enchanting Voice (Physical)
Ambidextrous (Physical)
Useful Knowledge (Mental)
Introspection (Mental)

Phobia of Water (Mental) +2
Tic/Twitch (Physical) +1

Possesions (iw)
Camera, Cell Phone

Residence (iw)


“I caught a glimpse of heaven once, bleeding out on a bed of concrete. and it was deeper and darker than anything the good book says. I’ll find my way back again, I’ll find her again and never let go…”

At first glance, Quentin is just another boisterous pretty boy with a camera and a habit of pushing buttons he shouldn’t. And he is content to let you think so as he does his best to hog every second of screentime for that perfect shot. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of what’s lurking beneath now or later, he doesn’t care which comes first. All that matters is that he’s here to get even one step closer to the object of his obsession, and if playing the fool on national television works you can paint his nose red and he’ll dance to the Time Warp.

You see, years ago he met someone who changed his life. Showed him a glimpse of another world out there that taught him how much he didn’t fit in his. She vanished into the night afterwards, and he’s been chasing her ever since. It’s led him to even darker places than he knew existed, working for a madwoman who makes murder and sadism art and nurtured his obsession with hints and whispers. And now he’s here, chasing a hunch that his ‘angel’ will be here, on this show…

Quentin Kubrick

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